Day 688 to 694 – Exams & portfolio

Saturday, January 20, 2017

I know, I know. I haven’t posted an entry in a week, but I have a valid reason! I’ve been super busy with exams and projects. I haven’t gotten much of a break the past week, so writing an entry wasn’t a priority. It’s actually the 21st at 12:30 am now, but I’ll write an entry for yesterday.

The past week as I explained, has mostly just been work and studying. I’ve worked on my French exam (it was a writing project type thing) quite a bit and got it done for Thursday. Other than that, I have been working on my math project that is due Monday. I’m gonna be submitting it basically last minute. That’s fine though, because I need to concentrate mostly on the math exam. Luckily, don’t have to study for my French or technology exam. Although I had my English exam Friday, and I think it went alright. It wasn’t the best I could do, but it wasn’t bad either. I didn’t study much for it, but there wasn’t much to be studied anyway.

Today was more eventful than the rest. I went to a portfolio day at the college I applied to so that I may get my portfolio critiqued. There is quite a few things I have to work on for my drawings and the competition is strong, because there will be second or third years of the program reapplying for the first year. They have an advantage, which can be harder for those with less experience. However, I learned I have until mid March to submit my portfolio instead of Feburary first (that is such an amazing thing to hear). I also have good 3D models that I should definetely put in my portfolio, as well as they also liked my robot/rabbit drawing. Everyone I’ve met so far loved that piece, but to me it’s not even that strong, haha. But then again, a lot of drawings I believe are good turn to out to be bad, and ones I think are bad turn out to be good. That’s why having feedback is important. Oh, and apparently they accept 80-90 people instead of 45! So that’s nice. Mostly what I have to do is just redraw a lot of what I did, but tweak it a little. Basically just refining my work.

I also got to take a bit of a drawing class with a model, which is good. Apparently the guy next to me was in my Jiu-Jitsu class as a kid, but I don’t remember him, and he didn’t remember me, haha. He seemed pretty open like a lot of other animation students. I mean, I expected them to be open, but not so social. It’s a good thing though, because it’s easier for me to meet new people when they engage me first, and I definetely want to meet animation people.

Other than that, I just relaxed at home. I did a bit of math work, but mainly just watched YouTube videos and allowed myself a short time off. When I wake up from a good night’s sleep, it’s back to working hard.

That’s all for today.

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