three long days.

My three-day week was filled with interesting happenings.

On Wednesday, it was really cold, so JW convinced me to ask my friend for a ride to school, which I did. It was fine, but while I was in P’s car, I realized that I had dropped my phone somewhere, and that was all I could think about all day. I used JS’s phone to text my own phone to say that if anyone found it, please bring it to the apartment office. I also messaged my parents with JW’s phone.

Eventually during eighth JS showed me that my number had replied. So after school, I discovered that my parents had already gone to the office, where my phone had been dropped off by some nice dude who found it by his car. Hooray! So I got my phone back and I was exponentially relieved. Thursday and Friday I didn’t bring it school at all, which also made me realize how dependent on it I always am.

On Thursday, P picked me up again, and everything was fine until fourth period or so, which is when I started getting cramps. I’d taken a painkiller, but it didn’t seem to be working, because the cramps gradually got worse until I was literally not even truly conscious in 6th period, and was sitting there floating in a haze of extreme pain while our sub teacher played a video of our gov teacher’s voiceover. Once class was over, I trudged up to accounting, which is where it was still so bad that I escaped to the bathroom a few times, and my teacher noticed, and she was pretty concerned. It was BAD. It felt like my guts were being squeezed out of me. My last trip to the bathroom was right before the bell was going to ring, and I met my friend R in the bathroom. She asked if I wanted to go to the nurse, and I said yes, and just asked her to tell our English teacher where I was if I wasn’t there by class. But after that I got my stuff, dry-heaved in the bathrooms a bit, and went to English, and asked my teacher for a pass to the nurse. I got a hot water bottle there, which I wasn’t allowed to take out of the nurse’s office, so I just sat in the girl’s room bent over it, crying, for twentyish minutes until I decided to just go back to class. We were just reading Othello. I struggled to find the page we were on because I literally couldn’t process what I was hearing with what I was trying to read. Eventually I found the right scene, but I couldn’t even really listen to what was happening, because the cramps were still so bad that I was just lolling my head over the book and putting my head down every time there was a pause. By the end of class, I was literally about to lay down on the floor. I went to my lockers with JS like we normally do, and I got my stuff, then P saw me and offered to drive me home, so I waited for her while she was at a club meeting. P was really a lifesaver, I was so glad I didn’t have to walk home. Then on Friday she sent me to school and back AGAIN–I really need to give her a thank-you gift.

On Friday I still had dull cramps, but at least the painkillers worked and I was mostly just dizzy the whole day. It was an ORDEAL. I can’t believe how much it hurts; I’m not meant to deal with this type of pain. I really can’t. All I wanted to do was dig out my own uterus or something, it was so awful. But I always have cramps unless I take pills, and I still have cramps sometimes even when I do (like on Thursday). Sigh. It’s so BAD, I can’t process just how much pain I’m in; I’m shaking and nauseous and crying, it’s horrible.

The week felt long, even though it was only three days. So much stuff happened.

I also really need to consider if I should do UIL Accounting. I want to, I really do, and it would really make my accounting teacher happy, plus I’d feel kind of useful, since I’m actually pretty good at accounting. I don’t know; it might take too much time, and I might not be able to get to school for weekend stuff, plus my parents might not approve. I don’t even know.

Sidenote, I also got my hair cut, so it’s not long anymore, but not short either. It’s a tiny bit below my shoulders. I actually quite like it this length, so I think I might cut it even more.

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