[173.1] ~*Mon – 01/22/18*~

[11:07 pm]

I ended up being able to nap for a bit more than an hour as my last client cancelled. I wanted to stay away from the house so I wouldn’t nap but I did. I went to the garage and made an apt for tomorrow so they can fix my car. That said, I will need to go drop it off after I picked up hub from work. I’ll be glad when I don’t have to pick him up cause I would be in bed right now if I didn’t have to go get him. I feel blah! My side still hurts and after that nap earlier, I just felt even worse. I woke up with a huge headache and my side hurting very badly. I’m glad I have a day off tomorrow and that I’m finally seeing the doc. I was meant to go pick up my pills at Costco today but I didn’t even do that so I’ll have to remember to do it tomorrow.

The store wasn’t too bad but I just didn’t wanted to be there. On top of things, the manager asked me to stay until midnight next Sun for the cleaners which I really don’t want to be doing. I told her no and I feel terrible for doing so but come on, I’m doing too much already and my body is making me feel it. I wish I didn’t have that damn student loan to pay or I’d be out of the store in no time. I know I’m a workaholic and even if I do stop working at my part time job I’ll prob end up going somewhere else cause I’ll just crave work but right now I just need a break. I’ve honestly never felt like I’ve been feeling and I just feel it’s my body telling me that I’m doing too much, that it needs a break.

Anyways, I don’t have much more to say. I don’t really know why I even bothered writing but yea. All I can say is that I’m super tired right now and I really want to sleep but I still have like an hour to wait. Arg!




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