[173] ~*Mon – 01/22/18*~

[10:07 am]

I was right as far as my client not cancelling this morning. No sleeping in for me today so it’s gonna be a long ass day as I’m already craving a nap and won’t even get to do that. I’m waiting on my client who has a doc apt and I’m staying away from reading at the moment cause it’s making me sleepy. 

I was able to sleep alright last night. Guess my pill really knocked me out cause I didn’t even realize when hub came to bed which normally wakes me up. I mostly slept all night but once out of bed, my side is hurting so very badly today. I knew this was going to happen with me lifting stuff and all at the store. I’m not sure this pain is related to coughing anymore. One more day and I’m seeing the doc and hopefully all of this will be figured out as dang, I feel shitty. 

I wonder how my friend is feeling today. I sure hope she’s feeling better and that she’ll be able to drive hub at work cause I don’t think I can find him a drive today as Sat was just a luck to find him one. Talking about hub and work.. I’m pissed. He’s going over night pretty soon and I thought it was going to help for when I want to go to my mom as we could now leave on Mon night instead of Tue morning but NO, he just told me over the weekend that he’d be having Tue-Wed-Thu off so that doesn’t help at all. Fuck! Why can’t he just get a damn shift that makes sense. I’m pissed! I had only agreed to him going over night because of this and looks like it’s not even gonna be what I wanted. Arg! I’m getting really discouraged with everything lately as nothing seem to want to work out. I know things could be way worse but still. Feels like I’m working so hard to get somewhere but I always end up two steps back. Just like my work, she emailed me this morning asking if I could take someone on Wed. Blah! I’m kinda looking for a new job but I’m not sure. I wanted to apply at this one place which I’ve already done a few times in the past with no luck but I’m not sure about it anymore and only reason is because it says you need to cook or prep meal and I don’t cook so I really don’t know about applying there as I don’t know how much of that they expect you to be doing. 




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