I don’t know. I’m tired

Have you ever thought of leaving everything behind and start from the very beginning? A fresh start, where nobody knows you and vice versa. A place, where you could start from scratch, no burden, no regret. I do. Why? Even i don’t know the real reason. At least that what i knew. For sure. I have a great parents, great sister, great brother, great friend (they aren’t fake), i don’t struggle with money. Or maybe i was just ungrateful. Overtime i feel burdensome every time i wake up, getting productive, socialise, go to collage, go to work. Just a repetitive routine. Every single day. 

Once I thought of me getting kidnapped by someone and become their slave or got sold. Maybe my life were better that way. Maybe i won’t feel empty anymore. Maybe i won’t struggling with my anxiety every single second. Maybe just maybe.

They said “People who laugh the most are the saddest one” Am i? Haha.. I’m just babbling at this point. I don’t have the urge to end my life though or not yet(?). They told me that i just thought to much. Even the doctor said the same thing. Stress was the reason….

Life is stressful. I envied everyone. They have a better life than mine.

Good night,


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