Medical and Dolphins

I have to say that I”m at the point where I can’t take much more bad news. I’ve gotten really into the fight for dolphins in Taiji Japan where hunters go out and capture wild ones and ether take then for captivity or kill them. I’m sad to say that this past week has been very bloody and sad, not only were there more then one drive going on at a time but two and 4 families of dolphins meet there doom at the hands of the hunters. This included babies as well. Its sad that they are only worth $60.00 us for there meat, why not just let the swim past and but nope they have to drive them into “The Cove” and kill them. Its bloody and brutal and sad. I love dolphins and can barely watch this happen to them. I pray that the captive industry falls apart and dies down. These animals deserve better then this. But I am loosing hope with a lot of things these days sadly.

Doesn’t help that I’m very sick and having a really hard time dealing with my heath issues. My leg pain has gotten so bad that sleeping is almost impossible for me and I have to say that my doctor has been dragging her feet. After 5 years of pain I’m finally going to get a brain scan to find out what is going on with me. It took them 5 years to finally try and do something. Doesn’t help that I’m not really eating much now too but maybe that has played a part in my doctor finally doing something but I still have little faith left. I’m hoping that after the scan something will be done for me. I guess I will just have to keep pushing threw. It would be nice if this cold would go away too. Head feels like it’s going to implode lol. I’m at the point where all I can do is laugh cause if I do anything else it will all just crumble.

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