I wake, I do the school run, I come back and text friends so i feel a little normal but I woke up up this morning and I just feel numb, I don’t feel a thing, the thing is.. I keep meaning to write a piece just on my life from beginning to now but thinking of things from my past.. it put me off becuase it’s just the tip of the real route to everything ..  but today I really do just feel numb, I haven’t got the energy to do anything including just moving a few steps into the kitchen but eventually I do move becuase the rabbit hutch needed cleaning out so I put my phone onto of the unit, Marilyn Manson playing and I cleaned it out,  but my mind is still overthinking everything.. would someone like the real me becuase I don’t think she would becuase even holding back I’m still full on.. 

My health issues are sucking at the minute to the point that my knee hurts like a bitch, my stomach is killing me to the point I’ve gone back to hardly eating becuase I’m struggling to eat a plate of dinner right now, im so fucking stressed trying to find a place to rent! But to be honest I just don’t want to keep feeling numb, i took three times my normal medication today becuase when I did come around from the numbness I just thought I could see a certain face everywhere I looked and I was freaking myself out.. mental health sucks ass!

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