Olive Oil Showers

It’s Monday so I only had one class today at 4:30. Needless to say, I stayed up way too late last night. I spent the morning slathering my hair in olive oil in some half assed attempt to get rid of my head lice again. I covered it in a shower cap and kept it on for three hours. When I removed the cap, my hair smelt like a jar of olives. Like I had marinated it. The smell was so awful when I got into the shower that I gagged a few times until I stopped breathing through my nose. The oil got on my face and I had to scrub with dish soap.

After a shower, I spent a few hours watching beauty bloggers and desperately trying not to text Andrew even though I was itching (lol itching, lice, lmao) to say something. Finally, I texted him to say “all you had to say was sorry” and some other bullshit to which he did not read or respond (still even, at 11:30 pm).

Then I went to the bookstore and threw down almost 50 dollars for the last textbook I needed.

My intro to Special Ed class today was pretty good even though the professor is tough. It got me thinking that I might want to get my Special Ed endorsement afterall. I really do feel like I do well with children with disabilities. But that’s just a thought. 

After class Vic and Mad met me to go to coffeehouse and we watched this guy do 5 terrible songs with a raspy voice and beginner guitar skills. We had a little conversation about how we’d like to die if we had a choice. Vic said she would want to die by carbon monoxide, Mad said she’d want to bleed out (the visual scared me a little to be honest). I would want to drive into a lake and just wait for the water to cave in and then drown. Vic was a little shocked by my answer and laughed. Really though, it would be peaceful as fuck I think.

We were gonna stay for the next act but it was a guy that Vic talked to over Tinder one time and she was highly embarrassed to watch him (because he is honestly a pretty weird guy who talks really slow and shit). Also, he was asking for volunteers for his magic show and hell no. Vic went running out the door at that point.

I finally got home and made spaghetti for me, Mad and Vic. Our RA visited and brought cookies. I still don’t like her. Then Kay called to talk and we ended up talking for an hour or so about nothing too important (lots of venting about Andrew, then venting about society lmao).

My head is itchy because of these fucking bugs and I am tired. I’ll probably listen to music now and try not to text Andrew some more. It’s hard to feel excited about shit right now, I swear. Except I’m excited to be a teacher and no one can take that away from me.

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