Have you ever had someone treat you like trash so bad you just wanna pack your shit and move out? well my family treats me like that everyday and I don’t have any friends to talk to them about how i’m feeling or what’s going on. I’m stuck bottling it up I tell my mom but she doesn’t ever listen or care if it bothers me or not I had to listen to my nephew yell at me about how shitty I am even though I just asked him nicely to help me. I had to listen to my brother talk about me like i’m shit I will be happy to have my OWN money and hopefully in a year or two have my OWN place where no one can’t run their mouth about me even they did. I won’t be here to listen to it all my family is cause drama or bitch about the small things or tell you ALL the time how shitty you are or how you didn’t do this or do that or how you did it wrong and that they know the right way not you. I’m tired of it all. What do you think? What would you do if you were me? I wish I wasn’t me.  

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