01/22/18 — Quiet Day

Today has definitely been a quiet day. The kids were sleeping in their classes all day. No one is really talking to me today. I’m just kind of appreciating my quiet time because I can’t hold a normal conversation today. I think I’ve decided on my cosplays for Anime Matsuri because Anna is paying for my costume since Dino is no longer receiving a ticket. I think I’m going to do Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service and Veronica from Archie/Riverdale. I can just use the same black dress for both. Simplicity is the key. My brain is turning off already. I need to stop writing so that I don’t start being stupid or jump to conclusions as I was accused of yesterday. 

2 thoughts on “01/22/18 — Quiet Day”

  1. That’s a cool idea for a cosplay! I hope it will all goes well for you! ^-^

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