Hi, everyone.

Its been a long time since I’ve written regularly, i just can’t seem to keep up with it. Even the hello kitty journal gets forgotten (it’s one me and my best friend write to each other in). But i’m here now!

This morning I volunteered at an lgbt center for the first time. i’m going to be doing it weekly. I really like meeting all the different people who walk in. I don’t feel like i do much yet but it’s comforting to be around people who may experience what i do (feeling on the outside of the world). They say that community is good for mental health and I think they’re right. the director is larry and he’s really funny. we’ll see how the weeks go.

Next I went to class (but got coffee before, duh). It’s an ethics class and is probably the hardest class in grad school i’ve had so far. the professor is sort of mean too. i always feel really stressed there and out of place. luckily i have 3 aquaintances/potential friends there. laura, pat, and victor. then i drive the hour home listening to shitty pop punk on spotify and feeling hungry and restless.

Has anyone watched black mirror!!!!??? i love that shit.

Also i texted the boy i have a crush on today and he responded 😀 


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