6th grade

Ello so i just started 2nd semester of 6th grade. I didnt think i needed this journal i just wanted it because i dont have friends i can pour my feelings into rn. Basicly my best friend Aliyah is a pshyco (not really i swear) and we make fun (not really making fun just tease) random guys at our school. Did i mention my name is Emily A. Polydoros at your serviec (not really). I dont know if you noticed yet but i can get scattered easily and its all because i have ADHD i forgot what it stood for though. I am a dancer and a singer, basicly the whole package of performing (i can also play piano and a little bit of flute). My dream is to be a Dancer (their careers end pretty early) then become a lawyer and at the same time a stand up comidian. My dream collage is pepperdine even though they dont have a dancing major. My crush is Grant Roberts and my best friend at my school is Aliyah Kilmer and my best friend out of school is Avery M. White. Ive been to 3 schools (4 counting Pre-K) not because i moved or anything but because i started school a year to early and ive pretty much told everyone then i had to repeat 5th grade because mom says “Youll get made fun of”. WHES where i met Avery i forgot how we became friends though but i facetime her everyday and we are gonna go to Coachella together one year COACHELLA WOOOO!!! Then WVCS i didnt include these friends in my best friend list because there more then just Best Friends to me i mean i could say anyone is my best friend but i was with these girls for one year and im in their middle school groupchat (i dont even go to the shcool anymore) their names are Audrey (the crazy mustached armienan) Kaeley (the most stubbern person ever but you gotta love her) and Oliva (an amazing goat loving friend who knows how to make you laugh) these girls are family to me, like if they were held at gun point id say “yah hell no you gonna shoot me first before you shoot them.” Ok im done confusing you now. hehe. Well actually no im not done i forgot about my 3rd school Chaminade or CCP were i met Aliyah Kilmer (the wolf obbsesed furry) Aliyah and i met when she was chasing Jack (a friend of ours) and she asked me to hold her birthday cake dip in dots so i did and i ate them then we became bests friends 😛 i cant think of anything else to say so bye…..

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  1. Hi i am ingrate six also and I sort of have the same problems with friends I just started writing so I would like you to read it and connect thx

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