Annual leaves & Interview Call

Interview Call
Today I got interview call from a company name mega particles. I didn’t applied there directly actually one of my friend recommended me, interview is scheduled tomorrow at 5 pm I tried my best to delay the interview but all in vain because I wasn’t feeling myself from couple of days anyway after Interview call I spend some time revising mathematics concepts like dot product, cross product, trigonometry but failed to bring my concentration into studying haha, I have sometime time tomorrow will try my best to prepare for interview (In Sha Allah- GOD WILLING)

Annual Leaves (15-27 Jan) 
Only three more left on paper 🙂 have to go on Monday so still I have 5 days to go, so you may ask what on earth I’m doing… huh.. well. I had made a list which includes following Cooking, GYM, Book reading, English pronunciation(practice), create something with wood and change room and living style for better and healthy lifestyle, Publish personal website and Learn about stocks and get started investing.
Apart from that I have watched Documentaries of Nicola tesla, Henry Ford and Bobby Fisher and Started reading Nicola tesla’s autobiography. I love three of them, Why I love Tesla, because of his method of working, he used to construct devices in his mind first then he build them, It saved him a lot of time and many other things about him his philosophy I admire him. Why I love Ford its because he started his company after 40 from hobby he build an empires and shape the world, I will read some book on him need to know about him more, what I learnt from him is its never too late to be great, I’m 27 and thinks I have become too old to achieve something big in life, haha. Why I love Fisher he is self taught chess player who become GRAND CHESS MASTER after beating Russian player, I have watched his documentary around 3 to 4 times, I love his attitude and arrogance and his quote “Nothing is so healing as Human touch” these are his last words before death. Once he said I have studied Russian Player’s(2 grand masters) games for a year and found out how they think, they have make the chess game boring by memorizing the moves.

I had cooked vegetable rice 2 or 3 times, cooked vegetable soup It was good not great I must say:) and I have two things pending on my list Apple Jam (home made) and Vegetable Tortilla Wrap well I don’t know the recipe but here it is what I have planned, Put fries, mix vegetables  and some sauce 🙂 in it.

I had purchase 4 books, name 1984, how to win friends and influence people(read 4 chapters), Art of war and Think and grow rich(read 3 chapters)

I have read so many other things most of them related to self improvement.

Wood Work
I decided to construct some things for myself from wood which can aid me to be more productive I can easily but them from market but I decide to build them by myself here are some I have created and some are under construction 

I want to build a Rocker Chair which has handle on his side like study chair, I have been spending too much time laying on my bed using laptop and reading which cause pain in my back, the basic philosophy is used bed for sleep, rocking chair for reading and use computer table for laptop and stay away from mobile use it as less as you can.

I’m also building a lamp from old glass bottle which looks like vine bottle 😛 I have bought the material God give me strength finish my pending things in my list.

Rocking Chair under construction using old chair
First attempt on Creating keys holder
Keys holder
Bookshelf & My little Books collection

Room And GYM
I’m doing some changes to my room I have found I’m wasting to much time in doing nothing and useless things I’m destroying my health staying late-night doing nothing but listening to music I have bought a 3×4 white board and put it on wall in my room 

My white board

I’m using it as my todo list and my main purpose is to develop visualization skill like visualize thinks in mind using board. and I have bought gym equipment and I’m doing 4 times gym per week making good progress

Conspiracy against annual leaves
I used to listen to this song last year in loop
I love these lines
I won’t cover my scars I will let them bleed

So my silence won’t be mistaken for piece 

Anyway back to topic, I was doing very well churning my todo and full of zeal and excited then suddenly something happened, my best friend become upset and stopped replying on WhatsApp app and message. I did apologies, I thought its normal I will get a reply after day or two when she becomes calm I will text her. After 2 or 3 days later I read in her Entry where she said I’m selfish and mean my first reaction was this 😛 I was like call me anything but selfish
apart from joke It hurts when the person with whom you used to do 97-98 % communication stops talking to you literally you cell phone becomes a device to play games only :P.
I spent time reading our first conversation email thread and our G+ conversation
Well that night I flashback through cases where I was actually being selfish(not with her with other people) and all our good memories(memories will always remains) and I decided I’m not going to text her again explaining It was not my mistake and I’m not selfish, It will be selfish and mean act if I text her and explain her I’m not selfish(proving yourself is selfish). Because I already texted her my apologies and got no reply. After thinking I came to conclusion yes I’m selfish and I have admit it, because I asked her two times to do me a favor and she did and When First time she asked me to do a favor and failed to do.
[Hey Lazy pants if you are reading this and really believes I’m selfish don’t reply and if you think opposite do reply my last message] 

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  1. I really like your list of goals and your wanting to do self improvement!! I am much the same at the moment, wanting to make the most of my free time doing productive things ! You have great goals!

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