Day 18

So, I tried to do my first flex dinner out to eat, without doing a full on cheat meal, today. It was hard & I definitely tried to make excuses for my choices. I still got a healthier option than I would have for my cheat meal or before I was on the program but could have made healthier choices overall. I ended up getting a grilled chicken breast with 1 slice of Swiss cheese on it. When I noticed the restaurant did not have vegetables sides, I made compromises in my head to justify getting fries. The only options were chips, fries or onion rings. (It is a very small restaurant) I decided to skip the bun in order to get the fries (which is by no means a comparable switch). But, I was hungry and I succumbed to the temptation.  At least I can say I got my fry craving out of the way. I did decide to skip my evening snack today, not only because I am still unbearably stuffed but also to help offset the extra calories, etc. I did the early part of the day like normal.



Breakfast – Granola cereal (Nutrisystem) and low fat milk (power fuel). I have already had this item before.

AM Snack – 2 tablespoons of unsalted dry roasted peanuts (PF).

Lunch- Trail Mix bar (NS) and two servings of vegetables. I have already had this item before and man, I will be happy when there are no more bars left.

PM Snack – 1 slice of low fat colby jack cheese (PF) and 1 slice of wheat  bread (smart carb).

Dinner – See above.


Almost forgot. I did a mid-week weigh in to check in. I am down an additional .6 lbs from my last official weigh in four days ago. Keep in mind, I did have a full-on cheat meal to burn off before I could start to make progress towards this week’s weight loss. I just hope today did not undo too much…oh well. It happened so all I can do is do better next time. 

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