God cares for his children. Even ole me!!

What an awesome night at the CR service. The state representative for CR came down and gave her testimony tonight. What an awesome testimony!!  I thought that my wife and I have been through some stuff. Our problems are peanuts in comparison to hers. I love to hear of a married couples tragedies turn into triumphs. A part of me wishes that my wife could have heard this lady speak. Small groups was great. We share our hopes,fears etc. When you hear about things that others say that they struggle with you realize that you might have had similar struggles. It really makes you think. I said that tonight that I am literally starting from the bottom but I feel that this was God’s plan. I am confident that this is right where God wanted me to be. There might have been no other way for him to get my attention unless he took things from me. A friend of mines sister is engaged to her ex husband. It is a beautiful thing to see a couple have their marriage restored after so many difficulties. One guy had 2 rows of family and friends that he invited show up. Such a miracle. I feel that I am starting to have hope for a prosperous future. I still have the inclination that I will one day get my family back. I believe that it is God’s plan however I am not God. I am excited to have a friend that also attends and we vowed to keep each other accountable. I am going to invite him and his children over this weekend to play games etc. I am sure that all of us who attend have regrets however one thing that we have in common is that we all do not want to stay in our current situation. We all want out of the rut and move on to big things that God is positioning us for. Thank you Lord for second chances!!

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