01/23/18– Ghosted Dick Pics

For real, you would think if a guy wanted to show you his dick, he’s the least bit interested in you. I’m kind of at that point right now where I’m willing to just hookup with a guy and keep it a hookup relationship, but I think that’s just because lack of lust in my life at the moment. And because Alexus manages to have all these guys lusting after her at all times, and I’m jealous that I can’t manage to do that? 

I’m also kind of grumpy and done with today. Fifth period lately has been so bad that even with a visitor in the room, the teacher and I are at our wits end. Literally just giving up because the kids don’t want to learn anything. There’s a test on Thursday and they don’t know the material and I think when they see their test grades, they’ll be kicking themselves. But then again, that class has had low test scores all year that they might not even care at all. Seriously though, they need to get it together. 

I’m starting to miss Dino, if only for the conversation. I miss someone asking me about my day and caring what I have to say. I miss the ridiculous conversations about nothing. I miss the intellectual arguing about relevant topics. I miss the intellectual arguing about stupid topics. I miss someone caring. I think that the reason I’m over it so fast because he stopped caring and I knew he stopped caring. I’m mostly just wanting to talk to someone I think. 

Ryuko >>>>>>>>>> Satsuki

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