Of course it is on the very day I have to prepare for my math test, do some research for Chemistry and have a French competition that our Internet gets cut off. Turns out there were some construction workers messing with the underground cables. Therefore this entry will probably be uploaded tomorrow, that is the 23rd.

In the past two weeks I have watched about 40 episodes of Looney Tunes, read one and a half book, been to the A&E, eaten 14 bowls of Cheerios (the kind with oats, as if my life hadn’t already been miserable enough) and almost summoned Satan twice while listening to Marilyn Manson at highest volume at midnight.

Oh, and for those of you who are dying to know about the activité très importante called the French competition, all I will say is that out of the four tenses which were in the test, for one I hadn’t even revised, and the other one we hadn’t even started to cover in class.


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