[174.1] ~*Wed – 01/24/18*~

[11:07 pm]

I ended up not getting my car as when I was done eating and drove by the garage, my car wasn’t outside anymore. I guess they weren’t done with it yet so I didn’t bother stopping. I went to get the windshield check on the other car and the guy working there was my old manager at the store. Haha! He said my windshield was fine and at this point there wasn’t anything they could do as it was only on the surface but if ever it starts to crack to go back right away so they can fix it as they can’t fix if there’s no crack. Hopefully it won’t ever crack so I won’t have that problem but I told hub to keep an eye on it. 

The garage called me to say my car was ready around 4:30 so I was working and told them I’d go tomorrow. I’m just scared to see how much more it will cost but I’m trying to be positive. 

After work I went to the Casino and I regret it. I tried my friend’s card but only got $10 so didn’t make anything with that. I decided to play the $20 I won on the scratch ticket but didn’t win. I was trying to play a certain game but they were all full so I ended up playing another $20 in a different one and losing. I was done, I was leaving but of course, one of the machines I wanted was now empty so I had to try it. Arg! I’m becoming like my mom, not good. So yea, I ended up losing $60 and I feel super bad about it. $20 was from the ticket and $40 from the cash mom had given me for paying her insurance so really it wasn’t my money but I totally could of done something else with it, like pay my car. Oh well…

I’m still trying to be good with my sleep so I’m currently in bed and will be reading a bit and then sleep. I’m trying my hardest to get eight hours sleep at night. I still need to start taking my B12 as it might also help. 

I’m still loving my hair!! I’m so glad I went back to have them cut again cause it feels much better. I’m also really liking this pink and hoping it will work out cause my hair just looks great with it. 

Well, reading time if I want to remain good. 




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