[174] ~*Wed – 01/24/18*~

[11:11 am]

I didn’t have time to write last night cause I got home too late. I woke up at 1 pm as I had a doc apt at 2 pm. Doc gave me some nasal spray to try and clear the mucus which I hope really works cause I’m super annoyed. He checked my throat and lungs and said it was all fine but is sending me for blood test which I’ll be doing today. I also asked him, again, about me having to take the birth control due to my PCOS and of course, I was told again that it was to help me out with this and that so I guess I’ll keep taking it. Once in a while I re-question the use of it and try to stop it but they always tell me it’s better if I use it. 

After the doc, I went to the garage to check on my car which was a big mistake cause now I’m stressing, again. When I got there, my car was in the garage so obviously they weren’t done but I wanted to ask about my auto windows that aren’t working anymore and hub said when he opened the door the lights didn’t come on so I wanted to know about that as well. Since my car was already in the air he couldn’t check that at the time and well, I was told I prob will have to pay more than the estimate as the mechanic had trouble with the parts, so, more labor. Now I’m scared of how much more it will cost as I am not made of freaking gold. But what happens when they give you an estimate, you say yes cause you have the money for that amount but then they ask a few more hundreds due to more labor than expected.. What if I don’t have that extra money?!?! Blah! I’ll just be happy when it’s all done and really hope it will be good for at least another two years. I just have no idea when it’s going to be ready as he said it wouldn’t be ready for 5 pm last night but that was okay cause I wouldn’t of had time to go get it. I’m not even sure if I’ll have time to get it today as I’m working. I just really hope that it’s not too much more than what was already asked. 

Anyways, after the somewhat bad news I went to Costco to get my meds and eat. I then went to my friend’s to see how she’s doing and she’s still pretty sick. After that I went to the hairdresser…


[12:56 pm]

My client was done with her apt so I had to stop my entry. I am now home cause I have some time between clients. I don’t know what I shall do. Of course since I’m home all I want to do is go sleep but I know I prob shouldn’t. It’s basically 1 pm right now and my client is at 3 pm. I sorta want to call the garage to see if my car is ready but I don’t really want to cause I don’t want to know how much it will cost me. I’ve also looked at the other car’s windshield cause when we went to my mom’s it had sounded as if it cracked the windshield and we had never looked at it so I just did and it’s not really cracked per say or chipped but there’s something there so now I wonder if I should go get that checked out to see if we should get it repair or if it should be fine. I just really don’t want it to crack in a few months as we had that windshield replaced in Oct. There’s always something going on. Blah!

So let’s take back where I left off with the hairdresser. She re-did the pink but another brand this time to try it out as the other one wasn’t working. It came out pretty good and I’m pretty happy with it right now but I’m scared of how it will turn out when I wash my hair as the other brand was “long lasting” and this one is only “semi permanent” so I’m scared about the fading as well. It will also be hard to tell right now with the bleeding as I had already washed my hair twice before doing this compared to doing it all together. She said that if we have too, we might start doing the other colors and having me go back the second week to get the pink done. I guess all I can do at this point is wait and see how it will turn out but I have my fingers crossed and really hope it all works out alright so then I’d finally have a pink for my hair which would be awesome. She also cut my hair and it feels way better now that it’s shorter. I’m all happy! She wasn’t really asking me for any money as it was a “re-do” but I felt so very bad as she still worked for like two hours and a half on my hair so I gave her $40. She really deserved it but I feel bad cause I took her to the Casino and well, she lost $35 and I ended up making $20. I guess she wasn’t expecting any money from me so it’s as if I paid her gambling but still. She had that Mystery Money thing so I was hoping she could win some money from that but she only got $10. She played that plus a free $5 she had and $35 of her own money but lost it all. I played mom’s $15 and didn’t win anything so I played $30 of my own which I thought I would lose all as I had $10 left and decided to put it in a random machine, second spin I got the bonus which gave me $45 so I took out $50 so I made $20 which was pretty good. 

While I was at Costco I had decided to buy some scratch tickets just for the heck of it cause I was discouraged about my car and was trying to get some money. There was two packages so I did one and hub did the other one. I got a big $2 in mine. Pfft! Hub got $20 in his. I paid $18 for the tickets so I still made $4. Haha!

My friend gave me her card and I will be going back to the Casino tonight to play her Mystery Money and I really hope I can manage to make at least $100 as I know that would help her out.

Beside that, I went for my blood work and paid mom’s insurance so that’s all out of the way. I’ve also stopped at Service NB to grab a form that my friend wanted. I’m just too nice sometimes as I don’t really know why I am the one picking it up for her as she could very well go herself. Anyways, I’ve started taking some nasal spray last night and hope it works for my mucus cause I’m having a real hard time with it today. 

That’s about it for now and I still have no darn clue what I’m doing. Should I go nap, watch some shows, go to the Casino now so I won’t have to go later, call the garage, bring the other car so they can check the windshield ?!?!?!?! So many things I could be doing and yet I don’t really want to be doing any of those. Well, I could nap, that’s for sure. Haha! But I know that’s the one thing I prob shouldn’t be doing right now. Bleh!


[1:48 pm]

This is just crazy!! I drove by the garage and the closer I was getting, the more anxious I was becoming. I just drove by. I couldn’t bring myself to go in. I saw my car outside so I believe the work must be done but I just don’t want to know how much it will cost and I’m scared about the darn lights now that hub said that. The windows I can always live with it but I need my lights for my paperwork. Arg! Anxiety is annoying!! I’m at Freddie’s right now for food and I guess I’ll walk over after to go see how much it will cost and all. I hate how they are supposed to call me when the car is ready, yet they never do. Oh well.. I need to go one way or another and deal with it. I also plan on stopping to get the windshield checked out on the car cause I don’t want it to get any worse if I can prevent it. 

Breath in!! Breath out!! I really hate how I freak myself out for things I can’t do shit for. I mean, my car is prob done and I now have to pay for it, nothing else I can do about it. The windshield of the other car has something, all I can do is take it in and get it checked. I know it’s nothing big but I just don’t like the waiting period. I always want things done right away. 




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