And then she was nothing

Do you ever wish you could just disappear? I’m not talking your standard VANISHING. I would like to disappear on a deeper level, I would like every synaptic response I have ever caused in anyone’s head to be erased, every resource I have ever consumed to come back and be in tact, every bit of CO2 I have expelled through my lungs to return to the air it was before my lungs chemically changed it. Everyone who ever loved me would never even miss me. People would be able to claim back hours that I have wasted of theirs. I would make it so that not a single ear every pricked to the pitch of my laughter. Take away my saliva from every single kiss I’ve ever laid. Gone.

I want to be a nothing. 

I feel like my footprints were weighted on wet cement. There is no going back, I wish I could disappear.

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