Bestie problems… RANT

So for the last few weeks i’ve been upset with my best friend but listen because here is the reasons… There is this guy that she has been in love with since like 1st grade and well i didn’t know of her until 7th but we weren’t friends or best friends until 8th well in 6th grade i dated the guy she’s in love with but we dated for a week and looking back he was ugly but he has had a glow up and i’ve always had a little crush on him cause hell he is fine asf now. Anyways ever since me and her became friends she is has told me that i could never be anything with him or flirt with him. Well he hits me up sometimes and it just makes me mad when people tell me what I can and can’t do or when they think they can hold something over my head but he doesn’t like her. I missed a big part of the story… They’ve been “best friends” since 1st grade. He has told her she is like a sister to him. But she doesn’t listen or can’t that get it through her head. Every time me and her talk all she wants to talk about is him and i don’t want to hear about him 24/7 it’s just annoying. Like really annoying and it’s not  like i talk about my guy problems cause i don’t cause i know it can be annoying and no one wants to hear about my boy problems. Also she thinks that he likes her because her sister tells her that he looks at her LOOKS AT HER just because someone looks at me DOES NOT mean that they are in love with me. It just stresses me out because i don’t want to hurt her feelings but she is starting to makes me never want to talk to her. Even at school when i see her in the hallways she just talks about him……….. Also another big thing is she bosses me around like she is my mom like i have to walk with her or i have to wear certain clothes when she wears something. She try’s to embarrass me in front of people like older people. People that i party with. People that i hang out with. I hang out with older people cause they know how to act and treat people and they don’t want to talk about stupid shit. I’m just sick of her trying to make me feel not good enough or stupid. I’m just tired of the childish bullshit

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  1. I was gonna say if you two are best friends then you have to talk about the issue and try to settle things but I changed my mind when I read about what she does to you in front of other people. Don’t be afraid to lose some people in your life. It is better to be alone than to be with toxic people who brings nothing to your life but pain and trash. 🙂

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