first part:)

heyya !!

So, since I’m quite new with this and I’m not the most creative this part may suck. It probably will.

Anyways, today has truly been AN ~aMaZiNg~ DAY… nO.

Nothing about today was amazing. In fact, it wasn’t even near good. I felt so alone and sad this whole day, blah blah blah. Not going to feel sorry for me this time.

I just kind of felt alone and I just really feel like dropping out of school at this point. Is it the people? Partly, yes, but I doubt that that’s the only problem. It’s the atmosphere, too. I can’t explain it… hMM…Okay, I may explain this some other time but I don’t want this to be my first impression so I’ll just not.

take care of yourself and let me know if i should continue with this

cowabunga, inessa is out

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