Moving forward?

So, I’m a little confused already. I am kind of where I want to be in most areas in my life so moving forward for me means staying the course in most things. With that said, I want to try and examine what area’s I truly want to move forward in. 

What I want for myself is to stay close to God, live in the spirit. Reading the word, praying 15 min daily, talking to the Holy Spirit and listing to worship music all the time. 

I want to be more involved with the kids in church, maybe helping on Sundays. I would like to see more children’s outings develop at church and I would also want to be involved in any church camp opportunities. I would love to see if a Dad’s day out is possible. Also, I really want to spend time with outings in my group. 

I also need to make some appointments for myself, eye exam and eyelid exam. still putting money down for teeth. I need to schedule exercise for three days a week. Work out at home. 

Pay Mom off and see if we can make a trip to Cali this year, if not see if Jackie can meet us somewhere for a vacation. 

Keep a much smaller simple garden, no garden by the house this year.

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