Stand up Comedy

Ok so if you read my first journal you’ll know i wanna be a stand up comidian so heres my first bit, COMMENT IF YOU LIKE OR HATE THEN SAY ON A SCALE OF 1-10 (10 being hella funny 1 being boring as fudge) HOW MUCH YOU LIKED IT. ok here we go 


FIRST BIT: Hey ladies and Gents im Emily Polydoros you probaly havent heard of me… but if you have then i guess im doing something right. I’m here to do stand up comedy so ima tell a quick story. Im walking down the street w/ my mom and this lady stops me and hands me this paper that says “Half the kids with child obisety have diabetes help children today” now if you saw me im like a little stick walking down the street. So i was confused why she gave it to me. I just threw it away and on the back there was an ad for MC donalds that said “Free McFlurries Stop by today double the sugar!” thankyou ladies and gents have a good night.


SECOND BIT: HEllo ladies and gents i have a special bit for you tonight. In fact i had to turn down a job for this, a babysitting job. I dunno why i even got the chance to be a baby sitter I am 12 years old, i cant even drive myself to walmart i cant even make eggs on my own I AM STILL ON SAFTEY SISSORS PPL and you trust me with your child, the one you cherish most, the one who will pass your name down with me i dont know what the heck you were thinking but i think your parents dropped you on the head more then id drop your kid. GOODNIGHTY NIGHERTS FOLKS



the second bit is a disclaimer i was watching an america’s got talent video and i thought it was hysterical then again im 12 i find everthing hysterical. so comment down below if its a 1 or a 10 or a 23456789. 10 being the best 1 being the worst.

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