Story Arc

First Story Arc for Possible Story Idea

Introduction: Our main character, Desirae is introduced. Desirae is very insecure about herself. She is waiting for her friend, Molly to finish getting ready. Molly has invited Desirae to go to a party with her. Molly is very popular and has a tendency to drag Desirae along with her to social events.

Conflict: At the party, Molly cannot be found and Desirae in alone. Desirae wants to go home but she can’t find Molly. She asks around if anyone has seen Molly.

Climax: Desirae wanders outside to be greeted by a intoxicated boy named, John. Desirae does not want to deal with John but John doesn’t listen. Desirae is walking away and John grabs her. Desirae turns around to yell at John to see himself white as ghost. John lets go of her and runs off. Desirae sees her reflection in the window and is surprised to see she looks like John. She passes out.

Falling Action/Conclusion: Desirae wakes up in her own bedroom the next day. Molly explains how she found her passed out by the side of the house and questions if she drank anything because Desirae was never the one to take drugs or alcohol. Desirae tells her no but doesn’t tell Molly what she remembered happening, if it did actually happen. Molly is suspicious but leaves Desirae be.


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