Wednesday January 24th

There is a second job posted on the district web site as of yesterday. I applied for it immediately, of course. I’m afraid it means that the big job has been given to one of the girls that had this job. Or at least they think they might give it to one of those girls so they are posting their job to look around for applicants. I am uber qualified for that job. If I get a downtown job where I only have to work with adults, I should be able to work forever. Being in the classroom is hard work- working with kids requires you to be on the entire day, every day- especially with the population I work with. I have definitely decided I am not really interested in going to the school where my friends work. All they do is complain about their principal and what a dick he is and how unfair he is. I’ll pass. The two things I like least about my current job is the fact that my school is on the other side of the world from where I currently live, and any place I might live in the future. I will never live in this neighborhood. The second thing is the teaching of multiple grade levels. I hate it. However, I would say there are more people here that do teach multiple grades/subjects than don’t. I just hate it. And I hate that one 7th grade class most days. Individually most of them, I love, but as a class, they are a monster. It pisses me off so bad that that one kid makes tick marks on the desk every time I ask the class to be quiet or to stop talking. Why does she do that? Ugh. I have ignored it, but it pisses me off. Smart ass.

I had a really crazy dream sequence last night. The animals kept waking me up, so my sleeps was fractured. I dreamed I was going into my Mamaw Jewell’s house and her sister, June, was there taking care of her. She was affected with Alzheimer’s to the point she needed a care giver. She was laying on a chair. She said she had ruined the couch, so only the chair was left. Some other weird stuff happened, but she told me my dad hates me, and rather than June saying, oh, she’s confused, she said, “He does. He does hate you.” There was some more stuff about my dad arriving and me needing to borrow a vehicle from him, but he said no. There was two semi trucks that pulled in next door to Thelma’s house and it was new people moving in – her house was empty. Gerald was outside trying to help the movers. 

John went to the back door and barked to be let out, so after I let him in, I closed my bedroom door so he couldn’t go back downstairs and do it again. This then pissed off Sophie and she meowed and head-butted me until she woke me up, which was about 10-15 minutes before my alarm was going to go off. Ugh. That is the worst. No sense in going back to sleep at that point. 

I stayed up late and did my taxes last night. I hope to hell none of it was wrong enough to come back on me. I have never had to file with multiple states before. 

Later, that same day… finally, for the first time this week, I didn’t have somewhere to be after school, so I could stay until 5. Tomorrow and Friday I have meetings in the mornings, so I need to get my shit together somewhat before. Ugh. I am barely getting by with 7th grade right now. I need to start doing more with at least that 7th period class. They shouldn’t have to do boring work because the other group acts like idiots. They kill me bitching about it being boring or whatever. They love to act like the other teacher is over there letting the kids built atom bombs and shit, and I walked in there today and he was reading out loud to them. Ha! My idiot kids would never shut the fuck up long enough to hear me. I am frustrated with that class. There are several kids that are just really dumb. You can’t say that out loud to anyone because it’s politically incorrect or whatever, but it’s true. Some people in the world are dumb. Who the fuck else is going to work at car washes and as motel maids? They are dumb and I can’t “fix” them. The ones that are being cheated are the good kids that have to go to school with those idiots all day. They are losing out on their education because their teachers spend half of their time trying to get the class to shut the fuck up.I do think that if I had to teach 7th grade next year, it wouldn’t be as bad because I would start from day one with them, and I would likely have a few kids that I taught this year.

If I get a job downtown, I can put in 20 more years without batting an eye. That’s the easiest shit going. If I work 40 years, my retirement will be 100% of my last salary, so that’s my goal- to work 40 years. I have 20 and some change, so I’m half way. 

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