[175.1] ~*Thu – 01/25/18*~

[8:41 pm]

I didn’t drive my car but FINALLY GOT MY CAR BACK!! I was so damn scared to go into the garage that hub wanted to go in himself and not tell me how much it costed but I would of still seen it on the credit card account so pfft. The guy was reading through the bill and telling me what was done to the car and all but my eyes just went straight up to the total which wasn’t all that bad in the end. It costed me $130 more than what the estimate was and that was the Safety that wasn’t included in my estimate and an alignment cause they didn’t know at the time that they would need to make one so really, the real work actually costed less than the estimate so that’s pretty darn good. Hub is the one that took the car cause I wasn’t ready to drive it and I didn’t know if it still smelled like paint in it. He said it doesn’t smell that much and that it doesn’t rattle anymore. He also said that the lights are now so clear as I could barely see before as they needed to be cleaned big time. Cleaning the lights and doing the body work on my car was something I wanted to get done this spring so really, it costed me a lot right now but I’m ahead of the game so it’s all good. My auto windows also are working, prob was me that was dumb and didn’t do it right as I hadn’t used the car in so long. The lights inside are also working, the switch was turned off which was prob the body shop when they worked on the car to let it air. Stress over the car is now over. Woohoo! I’m sure I will find something else to stress about but hey, that’s me. 

Now my hair, I still need to fix one side but I’ll do that tomorrow since there’s no point in doing it now before I sleep as it will be all messed up in the morning again. The thing about my hair, I kinda want to add some green in it. I wanted to change my pink to neon green but decided against it as I think it would bleed in that color so no point in trying BUT ever since I’ve been thinking about the green, I really want some in my hair. Only problem, I don’t know where I would put it. I might ask my hairdresser about it to see what she thinks but yea, I’m stuck on green right now.

Anyways, beside my car and all the worries I had about it, nothing much happened since the last time I wrote. I went to work and in between clients I went over to my friend’s place with some pizza. I still would want to go to the Casino but I know I shouldn’t so I’m trying to be good.

Oh yea, hub is quite a funny man. He came to see me and was like “So, how much did your hair cost?” I replied “Umm.. too much?!” so he said “Look at mine, not a penny.” Pfft him! He shaved his head and his beard and LOL when he went outside he was like “Fuck, I shouldn’t of done this.” Hahaha! It’s cold!!! Bouhaha! Too funny! He was also evil cause when he got in my car he used the auto window just to show me it was working. Erf! I showed him the finger. He also called me on my cell and left a voicemail saying that my car wasn’t rattling anymore which was good but that it still drove like a boat. Blah! I miss my car!

Well, I can sleep in tomorrow as I don’t have any client on Fri’s morning anymore until she finds me someone so yea, I’ll be catching up on shows and will be taking a nice relaxing bath as I think I need it after all the stressing I’ve done over nothing, as always.




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