Bread and Butter

Forgive me for venting this one out.

One question: What’s your bread and butter?

I mean, that ‘bread and butter’ is an important aspect or ability that you have which is an integral part of your career skills that even if you quit this job that you have right now, you can still bring it to the table.

I’ll set an example: A musician needs to be musically inclined. A tour guide needs to have a sense of direction and a vast knowledge of history & geology (I think), a language instructor needs to be good on whatever language he/she specializes.

So what’s yours?

Now you might be thinking why I wrote this one here in my journal.

See, I live in a place where people turns everything into some sort of a ‘big of a deal’. And people here judge you instantly. Like if you wear something so decent, you might be called ‘pa-conyo‘. if you drink Starbucks on a daily basis, they would think you’re a ‘social climber’ – well, this I can’t say they’re entirely wrong, maybe 30% incorrect but still not an excuse, if you speak a lot of English then they would think of you as someone who hates their own language or someone who is a ‘high maintenance-y’ kind of person.

I happen to be the last one. I speak a lot of English. First, I kinda have to. My entire family lives overseas, my brother and maybe 4 of my cousins only speaks English (then you have to count their friends and boyfriends too), then my aunts, uncles, and majority of my relatives speak English – growing up in that kind of environment where most of the people around you speak the language, nevermind whether if the grammar is right or not (face it, even the native speakers commit mistakes), will make you accustomed to it. It is only natural for me to use it, right? Well, people automatically think I’m fussy, choosy and finicky.
Second, I’ve been handling US accounts since I’m 18. I’m now 25. Imagine all the training that I’ve attended and finished. I HAD to learn how to neutralize my accent, use an American, British and Australian accent in the most basic and decent possible way.

This, right here, is my ‘bread and butter’ (aside from music, that is) and not to be smug or anything, but I’m pretty much confident about it. And I know that there are lots of others who are far much better than me, but I know they’ve worked and practiced really hard.

They also say that “There’s a proper time and venue for that.”

I mean, we spend half of our lives at work. An average of 40 hours of the week.

Whatever you do you can’t just ‘un-switch’ it. It’s a part of you. It comes out naturally. Especially during the times when you find it hard to verbalize what you mean using your native language.

I know shouldn’t be bothered by it, however, there are times when it stings, you know? And the only cure for ignorance is education.

Maybe they’re not educated enough that they act like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons whenever they hear someone speak English.

Sorry for venting out. I need to get this off my chest.
Now I feel super.

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