Day 20

This week has been BRUTAL at work. And it is really affecting my motivation to go to the gym. I had to stay 45 minutes over again today at work. So, I decided not to go to the gym because I was not able to eat dinner until 6 45 even without going to the gym. Additionally, I found out we have a financial adviser coming to our home tomorrow at 6 pm so working out tomorrow night is not an option. I am hoping next week will be less busy at work so I can get back on track. However, with knowing I have not been going to the gym, I have made sure to stay on program 100%. Tomorrow will definitely be challenging considering work is catering a taco bar. But, I will bring my own food and stay strong. It will be the day before my weigh-in and I want to have good results.



-Breakfast: Cinnamon bun (Nutrisystem), low fat milk (power fuel) and sugar free chocolate syrup (extra). Oh my gosh this was delicious. I don’t even like cinnamon rolls that much but this was phenomenal. I made sure to have a few in my next order.

-AM Snack: Unsalted dry roasted peanuts (power fuel)

-Lunch: Hamburger (nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. Delicious as always. I feel by eating raw carrots, it takes me longer to eat than cooked veggies, therefore making me feel like I am eating more food.

-PM Snack: 1 slice of wheat bread (smart carb) and 1 slice of low fat colby jack cheese (power fuel).

-Dinner: Chili with beans (nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. Delicious just like last time. 

-Evening snack: Cheese puffs (nutrisystem). These are advertised to look like Cheetos Puffs. Definitely a good value. There were a lot of puffs. However, they were not airy like Cheetos Puffs. They were very crunchy, and not in a good way. Plus, the artificial cheese flavoring had a weird taste. I was supposed to have two of these in my next order and today is the last day I can change it so glad that I caught it in time. Would not order again!


I can start to feel a difference in my stomach. It definitely feels less bloated since starting the program. I have had to go up to the next notch on my belt, so that is rewarding to see!

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