I feel disconnected today

sorry for not writing for the past 2 days. My app for this barely works anymore and won’t let me post. it’s aggravating, to say the least. 

I wrote a really long emotional post the other day, about how i miss my friends/my old school and also gushing over fictional character Rosa Diaz (i regret not realizing girls were cute until last year. damn.) But the app glitched! So now y’all get this one.

Today I went and volunteered at a city homeless/resale center. We have to volunteer ten hours for class but I don’t mind. Today I did 4 hours. My friend victor was there and I didn’t even know he would be! Anyway, the back of the resale shop is packed full of stuff, Lots of garbage too, i’m not sure why people try to donate so much broken stuff. This really hyper boy and I moved a lot of broken stoves to the garbage area. Then we organized a bunch of toys. The site manager named Ryan was really cool. He talked to me about destiny, God, and life’s purpose. He asked me why I went into counseling and for some reason I didn’t feel weird about mentioning Kyle this time. Usually I don’t want other people to know about him. But Ryan is alright. He told me since I know my purpose in life I will make great things happen. I kinda laughed at that. He’s very optimistic. He also likes fancy cheese. 

I came home and walked my aunt’s dog. Or, tried to. He won’t really move. Then I got my haircut. I think it looks good. But I love my short hair. It is my favorite thing about myself. Funny, when I stopped trying to be feminine I actually started to love how I look. Weird how accepting yourself leads to that. 

Anyway. The aunt and I got Jimmy Johns. I’m still thinking about that shooting that happened the other day and how we didnt save them. And I’ll think, humans are evil, but then I think of all the people I met today at that shelter and how genuinely helpful they were. I don’t get it. I’ll never get it. 

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