I Can Do This

Thursday January 25th, 2018 //

So I’m starting this journal today, at one am in the morning, because I am sick and tired of procrastinating. I need to get my life together and stop this horrible habit that is ruining my mental health. I’ve been struggling for so long and I just wanna stop. But stopping my procrastination isn’t just about being productive. I need to build my self-esteem and stop caring about what other people think. I need to stop wanting my work to be perfect, and then fearing I will fail, so I just never start. I need to forgive myself, and I WILL do those things. I have to believe in myself. I’m young, I should stop worrying so much about academics. If I stop procrastinating, I will be better at school, I will have so much more time to paint, do theatre and spend time with family and friends. But more than that I will feel free and proud of myself. This is official! Now I’m gonna kick some butt and be happy. I have to realize it won’t be easy, I have to realize that I will fall along the way, cry and feel horrible but I have to look ahead and continue walking. Starting today, the hike towards success beginssssss.

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