January 24,2018

 On November 20,2017 I was given a sample of Trintellex 5mg. for my depression. I stayed on it for one week then I  increased it to 10mg for a few weeks. I was going to go to the pharmacy and get my prescribtion of Trintellex. But I was told that my insurance would not cover the prescribtion. SO I talked to my doctor and was told that I had to try a cheaper prescription. So I tried Cymbalta. I was on it for 10 days, It was causing a lot of stomach pain. So after the 10 days I stopped it and then I resumed the Trintellex 5mg. But after a few days of that medication I was having problems with thought, memory and just focusing on anything. I was also talking really slow.

On December 18, 2017 I went to see my doctor and to tell her I was acting really weird and felt differnet then normal. She felt that I had Bipolar. She prescribed  some different medication for me. SHe prescriped Lamictal, clopanzaprine, and a sleeping pill. I did some running around for a few hours and then went to the pharmacy a few hours later and the medication was not ready. so I did some more errands and 4 hours later they were still not ready.  I waited at the pharmacy this time.

While driving home from the pharmacy I had a panic attack.  I told my friend that he need to call my daughters dad and he needed to pick her up. I then drove a few more blocks and then told him that he needed to call 911, and meet me at our address. I was a block away from my home and I told my friend to get out of the car. I drove th rest of the way home really slow and I was crying. I finally got into the parking lot and turned off my car and sat in the car until the police arrived, which took about 15 minutes I think.

While waiting for the police, my mind was thinking horrible things. When the police arrived I would not leave the car for about another 15-20 minutes. Then when I finally got out of the car, I down and placed in the police car. I was patted down and I felt safer.

 I arrived at the hospital around 3:30 in the afternoon.

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