my animals

i have 3 cats and 1 snake. princess, 19athena, 1peanut, 4 maxx, 11

i love my animals so much. when i’m sad one of the cats will come find me and lay with me or want to be loved. athena makes me the happiest, i love having the responsibility of taking care of a living being. my little brothers friend actually gave the the idea to name her athena. she means so much to me and every time i love her i start bawling and then she just pops up somewhere. i can’t even think about the day that she dies, every time i do i start tearing up. i found maxx and peanut at our old house. maxx was shot with an arrow, dehydrated in the woods on the 4th of july, hit by a car and is still alive. peanut would’ve died during the winter if me and my friend didn’t didn’t find him. 

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