Am I nuts or is it rude to throw things all over someone’s bedroom while they are gone? I know that I am a little anal when it comes to people touching my stuff but I have always been this way and sometimes I can get a little angry about it. I try not to care but all that does is cause me more frustration. So, right now I have to try to put up with it because I am staying at a friend’s place. I work pretty much all day and that leaves my two infants, as well as my husband, at the house except when he walks me to work. To truly explain what is happening I have to explain why I am stuck at my friends house.

So back in September hurricane Irma hit and my family lost everything. For an entire month I had to be without my babies including my daughter who was only three months old and at the time she was strictly breast fed. I had to be able to go to work so I was staying on my porch and my friend came over to see if our place was still standing. When he and his brother walked in they both said that we could not stay there, so that’s when my friend offered for us to stay. We moved into his back bedroom with our babies and I told him that he no longer has to pay the electric bill, that it is now mine since he is helping us so much. Since moving in, I constantly have to hear him blaming my little boy for things his child does and complaining about everything. His child steals my stuff, stuffs things down the bathtub drain, gets into everything and even tries to steal my son’s toys making my son cry. Now I have been putting up with everything and trying my hardest to find a place to live; while still putting food in the house and paying the electric. My friend does not have a job and now twice in a row I am just handing over the money I have earned to pay the water bill as well and that is the only thing that he has to pay. When he has his child over it’s not him that watches her, it is my husband that does on top of our babies. For some reason he believes that it is okay to constantly complain about my little family and throw things into our bedroom where our babies have to sleep as well thus causing the already packed room to be destroyed. Is it wrong that I am angry for him doing this or should I just be okay with it? I personally feel that I have every right to be upset considering all the other crap I let slide. I did not even really say anything about my snake being let out of his cage and almost disappearing had I not seen his tail poking out from under the porch.

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