#Taurus & proud of to be one!!!

“Just like a fracture in a river dam, it cracks slowly until completely breaking and destroying everything in sight. When Taurus is on the verge of going ballistic, they will become silent and cold, and since they believe they are always right, they will not forgive easily unless the other party gives in first.” 

It’s been said that Taurus women have the worst tempers in the Zodiac, so its best not to rub one the wrong way. I have to agree with this statement…as well as the one above regarding Taurus & Anger. Say what you want about the zodiac and what, if any, meaning it may, or may not, have. I personally believe in it. Not to the extreme, but sure, why not. I find no harm in reading a yearly horoscope prediction to see what may be in store for me. If it says that changes may be on the horizon for me that year, sure, I keep my eyes open for new career  openings if that is an area where my horoscope predicts a change…or if my horoscope says that I may be able to indulge my travel bug, I may keep my eyes open for locations I want to visit and look for the deals to go there…I don’t plan my entire life around them and don’t put 100% faith in what my horoscope says…but, its fun to read and see what is predicted to happen and keep myself open for those predictions to possibly come to pass. BUT..what I DO put a lot of faith into is the Zodiac signs and the characteristics that go along with it. I truly believe that God created me to be born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus and He equipped me with the characteristics of the Bull because….the Bull is definitely in line with who He created me to be. I am strong willed. I am stubborn. I believe strongly in what is right and what is wrong. I am not afraid to speak what I believe and if I believe in it strongly enough, nothing you can say will change my mind or make me back down. When I get angry, I charge like a bull in a china shop. I will fight violently and fiercly for what I believe in. Family means everything to me. I am loyal and I am giving. And, while some of those may be more of the lesser characteristics of Taurus, God also equipped me with some of the best characteristics of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign. So, that means we are steady. We don’t care for change, and while it could be a bad thing, I like to think of it as a good thing because of the stability that comes with the steady and things staying the same. Especially when you become a mom and routine and traditions become important things that make kids feel safe and secure. I love that I can search Pintrest and find quotes that describe me and explain a lot of why I am the person that I am. I really do think my sign has helped shaped who I am. They say that Taurus keeps their inner circle small. Well, I can say that’s true. I have very select few people who are close to me and to whom I trust with my life. I can literally count on one hand the # of people I trust. And even they don’t know everything about me. I play my cards close to the vest. Which is why I think its surprises people when my anger finally comes out and I lash out. They don’t expect it. And, its very true about a Taurus becoming silent and cold when they are angry. When I shut down, that is when you need to the most nervous. For when I shut down, that is when the anger has started to brew and the cracks are begining to show. But, even though they may not know everything, nor do they know what is always going on in my head, these few people are people with whom I never doubt their loyality nor do I doubt them ever being there for me if I ever needed them. They are people who would do anything for me. And, in return, they have the same from me. They say that Taurus is the sign that loves sleep the most…and to never wake a Taurus from a nap for they can go from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds if they are woken up!! Yeah, that’s true about me. I love to sleep. Its great to lay in bed and be all cozy and get in a binge watching marathon of an old favorite or even find something new to binge on!! But, at the same time, Taurus is very driven. What they want, they usually get. And its because we don’t back down from what we want and will work for it until we have what we want. And don’t ever tell a Taurus they can’t do something. So help them God, they will do it, just so they can say “I told you so”. It’s never a good idea to challenge a Taurus. They usually win. And I have to say, this is very much who I am and describes me very accurately. I won’t lie…I can be lazy af…but when it comes to my work ethic and working towards a goal, I have more drive than someone who just drank 6 redbulls!! Its interesting that I have learned a few new things about Taurus and the my sign that I never knew before. I’ve always known I was stubborn and resistant to change. And I already knew I had a bad temper!!! I have always been drawn to either silver or copper jewelry. I have never been a fan of gold. Doesn’t work well with my skin tone. Well, I recently learned that copper is actually the metal that is associated with Taurus. Never really knew why I was always drawn to copper….well, now I know why!! I love being a Taurus and I am proud of all the characteristics that I carry that are associated with this sign. Many people may find the bad charcteristics associated with Taurus to be things that should be change. I find them ones that I am proud to embrace because they help me to stand up for what I believe in and allow me to strengthen the good characteristics that are associated with being a Taurus. 

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