To my son, with admiration

Being a parent is the hardest job in the entire world! So many people do it, and some do it well and others well let’s not be judgemental. Let’s just be honest we all have our days of doubt. There is no instruction manual when you bring a baby into this world. No life, individual or family is perfect. It’s impossible to be cookie cutter no matter how hard we strive to be or pretend to be to the outside world. I’m not the most experienced parent I’ve only been a mom for a little over 7 years, but boy did I have a lot of great role models growing up. My own parents, my aunts, grandparents, my best friend’s mom and my older sister who likes to think she can parent me (haha) and the list goes on. So I do feel pretty successful at the job most of the time. I’m usually a realist in my own opinion of myself and being so I found that my son has learning difficulties in language, phonics and reading. I’ve known this for a few years now and last year when he was in his first year of elementary school I chose to be my childs advocate and make a big stink about my baby getting the help that he needs. Now after a year we are finally moving up to tier 3 in the RTI process with Julian in the public school system. It’s a slow process, but We’re making progress. Also next month Julian will start the Kumon program for phonics and reading in hopes that we can get him to where he needs to be to be able to move on to second grade. My bright inquisitive youngboy never ceases to amaze me! His math skills far exceed his peers, and he wants desperately to do well in all that he does and I am hoping I am setting him up on the right track to be able to do so.

I wait until I have my alone time to sit down and think, write and usually cry about my daily struggles and as I found myself becoming emotional about this particular situation I thought back to yesterday sitting and listening to an instructor that was testing my baby boy and I heard the enjoyment from his voice as he was answering correctly. At the point that he answered a guestion wrong he said “I know that’s not right, but I tried.” I knew then it wasn’t just me aware of what’s going on with him. He knows and this is one of his daily struggles and in that moment I knew he was going to just fine in this world! A world where so many people don’t try, they simply give up. My 7 year old son is so perceptive and he teaches me new important life lessons regularly. I love you Julian, you make me so proud! I promise I’ll always try to give you and your sister the very best of me, the best of life and the best of opportunities and I’ll never give up! 

Love Mom 💎🌹❤

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