01/25/18 — Freeverse: Feeling Better

You texted me today 
And actually talked to me 
Even if it was for a few minutes.

I really thought about 
That happened. 

I think I 
Will be Alright. 

Even if I’m living
My life without you. 

My heart isn’t fully better, 
But I know that 
You are probably 
Much happier. 

I know that I 
Feel better. 

I feel less bogged down, 
And am enjoying 
The lack of argument,
And disagreement.

I’m enjoying talking
To others who
Enjoy talking to me.

No one is complaining
About how much I text
Or saying to me
“A relationship is a
Burden I can’t bear.”

I’m finally not
Crying myself to sleep
Because of something you
Said to me out

I’m smiling for me,
Instead of forcing
One for you.  


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