[176] ~*Fri – 01/26/18*~

[6:39 pm]

Dang! I’m already so tired and fighting with myself not to go to bed right now as really, I shouldn’t even be home yet as I was working until 8 pm today but my client cancelled. That said, I only had one client today so it was an easy day. I slept in, went out to eat with my friend and did the grocery. Right now I’m catching up on shows but I’m having a real hard time concentrating as all I seem to want to be doing is sleep and it’s not even 7 pm yet. Blah!

I’m proud of myself as I did the laundry last night and I’ve put it all away. I took my car today and I was so very happy. I’m glad to have it back.

I still have like seven shows to watch but blah, I think I will go take a bath. I’m just scared that I will be falling asleep in there but oh well if I do. I’ll try to read as it’s what I normally do when I relax in the tub but right now I sorta wish I had a TV in there so I could watch a show while taking my bath. Haha! I’m quite demanding. 




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