High School Has Been Interesting….

Yes.. Yes… Read the title. You are probably able to relate in some ways, and others probably not. Let me begin. So for me, I went into high school without a worry in my head but also without a friend by my side. My dad is in the Air Force, we move a lot. Freshmen year begins and on the first day, I honestly can’t wait. It’s funny because I was way to excited for how it actually ended up turning out. All I could say is that hoooolllllly man they swear a lot here. This is me coming from a private christian school in Northern California with about 35 kids in my class. I knew everybody by name, and handshake. So back to what I was saying. I don’t know what is going on or how it happened, but it seemed as if everyone thought that from the transition over to high school, they are all of a sudden “cooler and better than everyone else.” I didn’t understand at the moment because it was my first time at this new school, so I kind of just went with the flow. One thing everyone should know about making friends. JUST BE YOURSELF! For real tho. It sounds super cheesy and is in a poster on every single elementary school wall probably but speaks the truth. I have moved 7 different states in the US and have made some amazing friendships over the years! Just smile and be inviting and people will want to be your friend. That was my problem going into high school though. I felt that just as other people tried to be cool, I had to change the way I was and act cool also. (BAD IDEA) AKA IT DIDNT WORK! The first semester of freshmen year was pretty rough and I really only ended up making a few friends. I don’t mean to come off as being some weirdo who plays video games all day long and is an absolute nerd because that is 100% not me. (hopefully that made some sense lol) But definitely don’t confine to stereotypes. Stereotypes actually suck. So overall freshmen year was basically a bust. I played football and had some fun, but really disliked most of the people on the team. I Quit. Before I go any farther, you must know, I am a junior right now having some fat flashbacks at the moment. Alrightyyyyy, there was one good thing about frosh year. I did meet one of my best buds. I won’t say his real name but Ill give you his nickname. Holocaust Survivor. At that point in high school, it was me and him. I had his back and he had mine. Lmao we played xbox like every night together xD     IF ANYONE READS THIS, IM TIRED AND AM GOING TO BED! I WILL RIGHT AGAIN TOMORROW THOUGH AND WILL HOPEFULLY FINISH THE STORY AND GET CAUGHT UP TO PRESENT DAY!

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