Finally Leaves come to an End


Last week I had watched couple of documentaries of Nicola Tesla and I liked the Quote which is in featured Image.

I had two interviews one on Wednesday and other on Friday both went well and I have got the offer. First interview was technical and carried by a senior engineer who has experience of 11+ years I have 3 years of experience. I did pretty well in this interview specially coding related part, Graphics and mathematics related part went fine. @2nd interview was With CEO it went very long he asked me couple of technical question all the other time he was taking about general questions, I would like to state couple of them here
1. What is your favorite hero or Idol and Why?
2. What will you do if you get unlimited money and time?
I said I have couple of favorites not one includes Nicola Tesla(his method of working to save time, like construct device in mind first), Mohammad Ali(his self believe I’m the greatest and his cockiness — his present mindedness, I forget this to mention as that time–), Henry Ford( Getting started at 40 and build the empire, give me hope to achieve big in life with out getting worried about age, yet I’m young though), Bobby Fisher( self taught chess player, who he outplay Russians, he studied their games and figure out their thinking pattern), Bill Gates(I forgot to tell him) and Steve wozniak(forgot him)
In the Answer of 2nd question I said well I can do anything right? … he said yes, well then I will… I took 10 to 15 seconds then I replied I will removed Internet or social media at least and bring some other technology don’t know what it is, but I want our generation to value relationships, we are confused generation, spending time on unnecessary things and not going anywhere and getting depress in return, after that the talk becomes philosophical I kept on talking for couple of minutes and he seems actually listening and agreeing with most of the stuff and he said I buy that, smart me to buy pass the actual question haha.
Then he described about his vision and how he opened the company and why he is building what he is building after that he said tonight I will send you the offer latter then I went to see the demo of oculus VR.

What’s Done
My Rocking chair is ready
I made Apple Jam
My Lamp skeleton is ready have to put some ascetics’ to make it presentableJ
I have Cleaned my room and now there are three sections in fact four, first computer table, second study table with Rocking chair and White board on wall, third Bed and one small table beside it, fourth my gym equipment

What’s need to be Done
Vegetable Wrap, I have decided to put some chicken in it J don’t want to compromise on taste, here is the recipe fry chicken and mix vegetables separately and make fries i.e. Potato Chips wrap them in Tortilla and put Minos and ketchup (Edit, actually its done I gathered the ingredients and my bhabi cooked them)
Publish personal website, its ready have some minor bugs I got lazy kidding get excited with other projects like Rocking chair and Lamp, I was trying to keep away from computer in my leaves
Etoro, It’s a website for stocks, I have made account there but didn’t get time to explore it and get started
Started reading 3 books, have to make plan to finish them as soon as possible by keeping the comprehension so that can get most out of them, these books are How to win friends and influence people, Think and grow rich, Essentialism

Ask Others for help
I have learnt if I’m struggling with something or I’m not good at something then reach out to people who knows, what I found they are more than happy to help you out and they are telling me more than I ask for and most of the time they are not getting benefitted but the thing is you have to ask them to help you out, not to do the work for you, before my believe was it is being selfish if you ask others for help if they are not getting benefit in return but now I have understand the meaning to selfish

Game Jam
I have registered for a game Jam which is going to take place from 2 to 4 feb, It will going to be a great experience, we have to stay there for 3 nights and two days, I will make sure next week I take 8 hours night sleep every single night and eat healthy and keep myself hydrated (though It seem not possible)

Yet Another Interview
I have got offer from mega particles but I am not going there because in final interview Mister CEO fails to answer my question, what my responsibilities will be and what part of project you have decided to put me on? My friend wants me to go to another company for interview (he said I have told him I’m going to send the best resource of County for interview, I Laughed, and he said I really believes that, My friend wants me to meet industry people so that I have some exposure, he often told me book reading is good but meeting real taught you more, I agree with him), but I’m not sure whether I’m really going there due to work load. 

Lamp under construction
lamp with wire frame
Lamp at night 🙂
Cleaned my Room yay
My Rocker Chair 🙂

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