I was dating a girl for at least six months and we broke up because she was confused. We were lesbians. (She was bi) and she said she was straight then said she just didn’t want to date. A small while later she has a boyfriend. What is that? Like she honestly stole my heart away and then gave it to some guy after she said she was done dating. What bullshit. I can’t believe she could just forget that we dated so quickly. She’s my best friend. She roleplays with me over text we talk daily and she just forgets it and then she drops tons of hints like how? How can she just do that and feel fine? Every time I bring it up she says it hurts. How the hell does it hurt her! Miss I-Have-a-Love-And-You-Don’t! I can’t believe the shit she says… And then my friends don’t even help me. Like hell, it’s middle school she’ll get over it. Like hell, I will! It’s been almost a year. Still, I’m not over her. Everyone thinks I am but I’m not. It’s hard especially when I don’t have anyone to talk to about it.

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