[177.1] ~*Sat – 01/27/18*~

[8:24 pm]

I was able to come back home and nap for like an hour between clients. Not sure if it’s a good thing or not as I always seem to be more tired than anything after a nap. I still managed to not fall asleep during the movie. We saw Maze Runner: The Death Cure which was super sad. I know I liked the first one, the second one I don’t even really recall but I know I didn’t really care about it but the third one was good.

Right now I’m having a really hard time with that mucus in my throat. It’s gonna be the fifth night that I take that nasal spray tonight and so far, doesn’t seem to be doing much. I do cough up mucus once in a while but it’s not enough. I have a feeling this mucus gonna keep me from sleeping tonight and I can’t afford to lose some sleep as I work at the store tomorrow. Talking about working at the store, the manager wanted me to work tomorrow evening instead so I could be there for the cleaners but there’s no way I wanted to work until midnight so I told her I couldn’t as we only had one car, which was true at the time. I now have my car but I think I might take the other one tomorrow just to make sure she doesn’t say something about me having my car. Either way, I shouldn’t feel bad about saying no, right?! Why do I feel so bad?! I need to start thinking about myself and me working until midnight and having to do an 13 hours shift the next day with not even seven hours sleep doesn’t sound right to me but I still feel super bad for saying no. I’ll get over it.




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