Last year has make me changed to be a different person which I sometimes don’t even know who is she. After a broken heart and being ditched by my friend for her boyfriend, just make me realise that I would ended up getting hurt more and more if i keep forgive people. So I decided to be heartless and close my heart to anyone.

Since that time, I pushed people away from my life who hurt me and to be honest, I don’t even care what people might think of me anymore because what matters now that is myself. It’s time for me to think what is best for me or other else, no one would. People said that I don’t appreciate my friendship because I easily end my friendship but the thing is, I am just a human also I do have limit in every situation.

3 days ago, I rejected this guy who really likes me because he isn’t really my type and he was begged for me to not giving up yet but I just can’t do it anymore because i’m not willing to give second chances to anyone. I might make a mistake but I’ll just go with what my heart says because I used to follow what people want and the end they left me so fuck it.

Is it my fault that i’ve becoming a different person? Well I dont know to be honest but one thing I cant stop is to blame myself¬†

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  1. I could relate to this so much mostly the friend and friendship part. the same thing happened to me and I also ended up pushing people away.

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