Journey to joy recap.

I have tried to establish what has brought me joy by evaluating several aspects in life. I have very mixed feelings about the results. I even have mixed feelings about personal growth. First let me comment on personal growth, the biggest drawl back for me is that I am alone in my desire for personal growth and it becomes a battle with those that I am closest to (i.e. who ever lives in your home) parents, kids, etc. In addition to that, the very people that are not supporting your growth are those who benefit from it the most so it’s really frustrating… Just think about that for a moment… it’s like living in a messy house, having a messy car and a yard that looks like a jungle and you decide that you are going to make some changes and begin to clean up the said… messes. Now once you develop the skills and self disciple to get things looking good and a routine to keep things up the people around you are now enjoying the benefits as well. I think it’s only natural to hope that those around you will appreciate the change and effort that has taken place and encourage you, as well as, start to make some efforts of their own. In some cases that’s exactly what happens. On the other hand, some people can become resentful! For example, they might think that you feel that you are now superior to them in addition to feeling the pressure of owning up to their own poor habits. Therefor the thought of going back to the good old low standard of living actually feels comforting to them and they may begin to take steps in that direction.          

This is a very disheartening experience for the growing individual, but all is not lost. In identifying the issues that may arise throughout our journey of personal growth (and fulfillment) we can examine them with those that we love and begin a dialog. It is also important to examine ourselves to see if we may have arrived at a feeling of superiority or disdain toward our loved ones?… In addition to projecting new expectations upon them in which they have not signed up for? 

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