If I were to wake up one morning not knowing that I had a superpower, that day would be the day that change my life forever. I wake up on a Saturday morning and go about my morning routine; take a shower, put on some cozy warm sweatpants with a nice sweater, eat some breakfast, and brush my teeth. I then proceed to feel cold on one side and hot on the other but I pay it no mind thinking that it’s just a draft. Most of the day is pretty normal and I start to feel weird again with the feeling of being both cold and hot but I just don’t know what it is. 

A moment later my mom comes barging  into my room kicking the door down scaring me half to death and says “JaJuan you need to take the trash out! It’s not going to take itself out!”. So I go grab my coat and head outside in the windy 30 degree cloudy weather to take out the trash. I start to smell a very strong smell, I assumed it was the disgusting two week old garbage that I was throwing out but I was horribly wrong. I take a glance down the street and I see a convertible car erupted in flames; so my curiosity takes over so I go investigate the scene to get an idea on how it happened. I see a distraught mother of 3 crying her eyes out because she does not know how her car ignited into flames. The flames in the car has gotten so bad it looks like the car was about to explode. My predictions were correct as the car erupted into flames and exploded right before my very eyes. I extend out my left arm and close my eyes because at that very moment I thought my life was over. Not even ten seconds later I open my eyes and see the car is covered in ice. I look at my left hand and notice that it came from me. I thought to myself, “How could this be?”. I look at my hand in utter shock not knowing how I was capable of doing this when stuff like this only happens in the comic books or superhero movies. So I run home feeling embarrassed and run straight to my room to try and figure out what just happened. Soon later I run to the garage and pick up some random stuff to see if I can do it again, with no results. 

A few hours pass and I start to forget about everything that happened earlier today. I notice my hot chocolate started to get cold so I pick it up and hold it in my right hand to take it to the microwave to heat it up. As soon as I walk in the kitchen I feel the cup getting hotter and hotter and I didn’t even put the cup in the microwave yet. I looked down at the cup to see smoke coming out of the cup and the hot chocolate boiling. I don’t know how this is happening but I’m gradually starting to like it. I go to the store later that night to try and see if I can use my powers again and I see a few criminals trying to rob a middle age woman for her money in a dark alley. I go to try and stop them and one shadow of a very tall man illuminates from the darkness into the streetlight and says “Who’s there?”. They both try to pick a fight with me. The one guy who looks about 6’4 with brown hair and green eyes wearing all black confronts me and says “Hey! Get out of here before this gets ugly.” As soon as they charged at me I blast them with my newly found power. I never felt anything like this before but I knew this was a gift and it felt great. 

With the powers that I discovered, I would use them for good and only for good. I feel like there would be a lot less crime and a lot of the stress and work load would be a lot easier between police officers and firefighters if people could actually have superpowers. Then again, not everyone is the same and have the same intentions in mind which is how villains form, which I have no problem with because every hero needs a villain which I would find a lot of fun. From there on, the possibilities are endless on what I could do with them, what if there are other people just like me out there who have powers that they have no idea about? It would be amazing to see them and start a crime fighting group just like the Justice League or The Avengers. If only I can find people like me. 

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