can I not feel rage for no reason? Well I can.. and I have done since last night, I want to break things and watch things crumble and this is the point where if I was seeing someone not serious I’d purposely fuck with them and destroy them so I can let my rage out and that’s what I done, my relationship broke down because I fucked with her and now  it’s 10:45am and I’m drinking a can of Guinness that I’ve had in the fridge for a few days and taking some meds chlorpromazine but it doesn’t work.. they don’t work.. you know one thing I hate? Plans falling through.. the thing with me is that I loose friends and then old friends come back into my life like Shaz, I feel good knowing I can help her sleep.. people would look from the outside and be like ‘she’s a bird you used to msg and flirt with and you have a mrs and u talk to her again’ and find it weird but there’s literally nothing but friendship and again it’s nice that I can help someone 

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