Why do you have to be a creep?

So, I woke up a couple hrs, because it’s my day off I like to lounge around for a bit. And I notice someone is trying to open the door to my room. Like what the fuck?? 

My siblings & I have a very big age gap, so while growing up I mostly felt like an only child. Since I was about 12  it was always just my mom & I. A few years ago, my mom decided she wanted her boyfriend to live with us. I personally didn’t like it but I can’t necessarily afford to pay a thousand dollars for my own place in this city. So I dealt with it and pretty much stayed in my room while I was home. 

He doesn’t necessarily bother me, or say anything to me. So it all just became more like a roommate situation. 

And today I wake up to him trying to get into my room. I’m super fucking creeped out by this. I always lock my door to sleep out of habit. I’m pretty sure he thought I wasn’t home because I let my cousin borrow my car last night. 

I’m seriously considering buying a lock with a key now. Because that shit it not cool. Now I can’t stop thinking about how many times he’s done it before?! There have been some weird shit that stood out to me before, but I had no definite proof. Now I know, and I’m not going to tolerate this shit. 

Fucking Creep. 

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