Boys who are meant to be men!!!

Why do we do this to ourselves? I mean we all know that it takes longer for boys to fully mature. But the thing is that we always think that we can make them advance quicker. We are so wrong! At the moment I am writing this I am hiding in my room because I fear what downstairs is going to look like. The boys do not tidy anything which just means that this shit hole just looks even worse. I mean I get it that we are students but there has got to be a limit of dirt that anyone can truly live in.  Men are supposedly independent and that they should be able to do something right but that would be a lie. I mean this is an exaggeration I am sure that there are some men who can be tidy. That is if they have been trained properly but from what I can see there is a larger percentage who do not understand the concept of keeping this place tidy.  We all say that we do not want to live in a same-sex house as it will be a lot more fun and entertaining. Entertaining would be the right word entertaining to see how utterly useless they are. So if all you get from this is before you live with boys find out if they are tidy or find out if they are not lazy and that they are willing to do their own stupid washing up. 

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