Day 22 and 23

So yesterday I was in Chicago for the night so did not find time to write my entry until today. My official weigh in was another 2.4 lbs lost, for a total of 8.6 lbs in 3 weeks! Yesterday I followed program until dinner time. Then, I figured I could indulge in some Chicago deep dish pizza. My sister and I decided to walk everywhere instead of taking a cab to burn some of those calories off. Overall, no regrets. I started right back on the program this morning.


Yesterdays food:

-Breakfast: double chocolate muffin (nutrisystem), low fat milk (powerfuel) and sugar free chocolate syrup  (extra). Still one of my favorites. 

-AM Snack: Unsalted Dry Roasted Peanuts  (PF).

-Lunch: black beans and rice (nutrisystem). I was not looking forward to this. But, it was better than I thought. Would not order it again though. 


Today’s food:

-Breakfast: chocolate chip baked bar (nutrisystem) and peanuts (powerfuel). I’ve had this before and was not impressed. 

-AM Snack: peanuts (powerfuel).

-Lunch: chicken mozzarella melt  (nutrisystem) and 2 servings of vegetables.  I liked this better than last time!

-PM Snack: wheat toast (smartcarb) tuna (powerfuel) and mayo (extra).

-Dinner: bean Bolognese  (nutrisystem) and 2 servings of vegetables. Also one I was not looking forward to. WAY too many veggies I don’t like. I just ate the noodles, which kind of tasted like Chef Boyardee. I would not order this again. 

-Evening snack: stuffed apple pie (nutrisystem). I was really looking forward to this but stuffed seemed to be an overstatement. The crust was sweet and the filling was delicious but just wish there was more. I might order this again. 

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