Facebook, Editing, Bagels, Work Rants..

As I wait for my bagel to toast, so I can slather it up in cream cheese, I figure I would take another day, (which is a record for me) to write another blog entry.

I think I need a new toaster. The one I have is awful. It doesn’t toast very well. To me, it is so annoying. I think taking a blow torch after some bread would be more efficient. My toaster likes to heat up, but you have to push the thingy down (yes my technical term) a couple of times to get that nice golden look to breads. It is on the highest setting, and still have to push that toaster thingy down. Annoying. Yet, when I am at the store, a toaster is really not on my must have to get list. I always bypass the appliances. Then I think of it, after I have to toast any kind of bread. 

Yesterday, I was on an emotional roller coaster. I got a call from the boss, most likely to come into work. I felt guilty the entire day, because I did not answer the phone, yet I was pissed at the same time. I am over it now, since it is a new day, but at that time I was feeling guilty.  Bless my husbands heart, he listened to me rant for hours about my opinion on how the boss runs their business. I am sure he was sick of hearing it, for he did tell me not once but twice, “you said that already.” LOL.

Yesterday, I did manage to get all of my laundry done. That is what happens when a woman gets pissed, we work like no other. I even went grocery shopping, all the while wishing I could see the boss, and say…”see I am busy on my days off too ya know.”  Once all of those chores were done, I sat down on Facebook, to catch up on my family, to see what they were doing and comment on some. I then…said to myself, I need to edit my privacy settings, on Facebook, so I can actually post what I want without being spied on. I do have all of my co-workers on Facebook, plus my bosses, plus my co-workers boyfriends, spouses and friends. I did not delete them as friends, I just edit my posts to where none of them can see what I say. NOW, I can freely rant if I want. If I say anything at all before, my male boss, always sarcastically comments on something, or posts those dumb annoying gifs. 

My mom, who is 76 and still working to make ends meet, works as hostess for those hotel continental  breakfasts. She works approximately three days a week. Often she gets no help where she works, they don’t even have paper plates for guests to use, but real plates. So she has to make omelets, waffles, cut fruit, you know breakfast stuff. There is a lot in this breakfast buffet. Her place of work sounds like mine. No reliable people to work half the time, and the ones who are scheduled to work, are often calling in, so the boss always calls my mom to come in. She is about fed up with it too. Like she said, she doesn’t mind helping when needed, but it is always every weekend, and the manager’s or bosses don’t hire the people needed. Imagine how smooth it would run?  It is to the point now, that I want to get up on my Saturday’s and Sunday’s, shower and get ready for work, even though I am not scheduled, I would go in at opening, and sit there. Not punch in to work, but just sit there, on my phone, and if anyone approaches me to work, I would get up, punch in and go to work. Do that for every Saturday and Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If I am needed great, if not okay…but see you Sunday. haha. I can be annoying in a subtle and stubborn way. *insert evil grin*  It would be better than hiding. Right? 

On Monday, M..my woman boss, is going on a two day retreat. “She has to get away!” It’s like wtf?? You have hardly any people working at the cafe, and instead of putting your time and energy into hiring people to cover certain shifts, you are going to a two day retreat?? There is NO sense in that at all. My bosses are a husband and wife team. They live for their “days off” heck, half the time when one tries to call them, they never answer their phone. I have news for you bosses, you are business owners, and they don’t get “days off!” Instead of taking care of what needs to be taken care of, they jet off and we don’t hear from them until they come in. Then, they panic, when they see a catering needing done, or a banquet room full of square dancers coming in for lunch, and hmmm no help, because we had to enjoy our days off, and we didn’t take care of business. As you can tell, I am still a little irritated.

It is time for me log off for a little while. Do some much needed housework, drink so more coffee, and enjoy my Sunday.

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  1. Sorry it took me so long to comment back, I’m terrible about commenting.

    I can’t imagine actually being a manager at my work, it’s bad enough to be a peon like me. How long did you manage that (ha!)?

    I don’t have any of my co-workers as friends on Facebook, so I don’t have to worry about what I say. Partly because I’m not that good of friends with anyone and partly because I don’t want to deal with saying something and it getting me into trouble somehow.

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